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Tulwar 3

Tulwar 3

Tulwar Sword

Overall length 85cm

Blade length 74cm

Spine width at base: 8mm

Spine width average: 6mm

Date: Early 19th Century

Origin: India

A magnificent example of a very functional curved North Indian Tulwar sword. The blade is pattern welded, and has a very pronounce T-section. The spine is unusually very thick; the sword maintains a pleasant feel overall. The latter 20cm of the blade possesses a sharp back edge. Very well balanced blade with minimal wear; the edge is razor sharp and well kept. The wootz hilt possesses a solid knuckle guard and has no movement. Similar to other pieces on this item has not been tampered with or acid etched to bring out the pattern; in some cases such treatment affects the blade's integrity and makes it more susceptible to rust. This is sword is designed to inflict brutally vicious deep cuts when wielded with the higher body mechanics of Sanatan Shastar Vidiya, for example Nandi Yudhan upwards. A rare piece especially given the high quality metals used for the blade and hilt.

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