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Overall length: 95cm

Blade length: 82cm

Width of blade at base: 6mm

Date: Early 19th Century

Origin: India

A beautiful genuine Sirohi sword with a heavy wootz blade (over 1.1 kg) from Ajmer (Rajasthan). The well-made hilt is of Rajasthani style, typical of Sirohi swords; this particular item has silver inlay (approx 60% intact). The edge is very sharp and clean and possesses a complete original bevelled edge with a mirror finish. The spine exceptionally is strong and sturdy. The blade is full length and has not been shaved down nor tampered with; there are 2 pronounced fullers on the blade. The hilt appears to show indications of watering (wootz) which is highly likely given the overall quality of the sword.

The sword handles immaculately as do all weapons sold at possessing fantastic balance. This sword is designed to be only weilded with the higher Yudhans in Sanatan Shastar Vidiya. An opportunity to own a true beast of a sword; a fighting piece with a deep powerful cut.

The sword comes with a well made leather scabbard. However the buyer may get a custom scabbard made if desired. Please contact us on to request a quote.

Note to customers: We are aiming to re-educate our customers who are seeking high quality fighting weapons. High end fighting swords are rarely embellished with gold / silver; they are designed to be highly functional and practical. It takes a Sanatan Shastar Vidiya practitioner to understand what qualifies as a top class, good, average, or bad weapon.

Post Sale note: Item was sold to a customer who requested the item to be re-hilted with an alternative hilt. Hilt was procured from inventory. A new scabbard was commissioned.

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