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Rajput Tulwar 4

Rajput Tulwar 4

Rajput Tulwar Sword

Overall length 83cm

Blade length 69cm

Width of blade at base: 5.6mm

Date: Early 19th Century

Origin: India

A Rajasthani tulwar with a Silver inlaid Jodhpuri hilt. Approximately 70% of the silver remains, and hilt is likely of wootz steel. Blade is of wootz steel with minor surface pitting (normal for such a functional piece); it has not been shaved down. The edge is razor sharp, clean, no dinks, no damage, and no warping. Spine is strong and sturdy. The last 20cm of the blade possesses a sharp "False edge" designed for reverse cuts.

The blade has an armoury inventory mark on the spine close to the hilt, typical of high-end swords; most likely Bikaner or Ajmer given the style of the hilt and sword shape.

The sword handles immaculately with fantastic balance - an exceptionally deep cutter - especially when wielded with the higher Sanatan Shastar Vidiya Yudhans. It has featured on several demonstration videos previously done by Gurdev Nidar Singh. An opportunity to own a true fighting piece. A scabbard for the sword can be made on request which is highly recommended.

Note to customers: We are aiming to re-educate our customers who are seeking high quality fighting weapons. High end fighting swords are rarely embellished with gold / silver; they are designed to be highly functional and practical. It takes a Sanatan Shastar Vidiya practitioner to understand what qualifies as a top class, good, average, or bad weapon.

Customers outside the UK interested in purchasing our weapons are kindly requested to contact us directly to discuss available options and requirements.

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