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Small Mother of Pearl Kard 1

Small Mother of Pearl Kard 1

Small Mother of Pearl Kard

Overall length 21cm

Blade length 12.5cm

Date: Late 19th

Origin: India

A kard dagger with a hilt embellished with Mother of Pearl scales and green stone. It comes with its original scabbard (still solid and functional). During the late 1800s / early 1900s, there were many blades of such design produced for the European market of varying quality. Such blades included kards, pesh kabz, and Una (a blade approx 30-40cm) possessing the characteristic Mother of Pearl scales with green / white / yellow stone or bone. Some blades were made of standard steel, some with fake 'watering', others with genuine wootz (most likely repurposed from broken sword blades), or Damascus steel. Unusually, this particular piece has a watered blade; it possesses a very sharp edge. A very good example.

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