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Overall length 36cm

Blade length 19cm

Blade width at base: 7cm

Width of handles: 9cm

Width of handle bar at widest: 2.5cm

Date: Early 19th Century

Origin: India

A fine example of a fighting katar. Solid wootz blade and handle; exceptionally sharp. It has a distinctive ring. It comes in its original condition and has not been restored, polished, or tampered with; the original edge is maintained along with its sharpness. Unusually the katar possesses decorative cut outs on the blade. The handle bars retain most of the original silver embellishments in fabulous condition, including the underside of the bar at the base of the blade. Similar to other pieces on this item has not been tampered with or acid etched to bring out the pattern; it may look pretty, but in some cases such treatment affects the blade's integrity and makes it more susceptible to rust. The katar is very light and dextrous intended to be wielded alone or with a weapon combination. It has the added advantage of being wide and was most likely made for someone with larger hands. Comes with the original wooden scabbard covered with green velvet.

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