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Rajasthani Choora 3

Rajasthani Choora 3

Choora Knife 3

Overall length: 28cm

Blade length: 19.5cm

Width of blade at base: 8mm

Date: Early / Mid 19th Century

Origin: India

A fantastic fighting Choora knife from Rajasthan. The sharp blade appears most likely to be of pattern welded steel with an ivory hilt. A very well balanced blade with a pronounced T-section; minor pitting on the blade but it does not affect the integrity of the item. In Sanatan Shastar Vidiya, blades are never gripped hard or clenched but braced to allow maximum dexterity. The sharp edge is beveled and the blade is designed for both stabbing and cutting; this item has not been shaved down or reshaped. No movement in the handle and the scales are very well riveted; there is a small chip on one side of the scales. A very solid knife typically kept as a daily "personal" item in the waist belt. The item comes with a good contemporary wooden scabbard covered with cloth.

The buyer may request a custom scabbard to be made (recommended). Please contact us on to request a quote.

Note to customers: We are aiming to re-educate our customers who are seeking high quality fighting weapons. High end fighting swords are rarely embellished with gold / silver; they are designed to be highly functional and practical. It takes a Sanatan Shastar Vidiya practitioner to understand what qualifies as a top class, good, average, or bad weapon.

Customers outside the UK interested in purchasing our weapons are kindly requested to contact us directly to discuss available options and requirements.

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